Global Exposure at Hometown Rates!

STREAMING TV is one of the fastest growing content delivery systems in the world. Hale Multimedia foresaw that trend and created their own streaming content delivery network (CDN) years ago. 

Take advantage of the instant global reach we provide by advertising with our growing media company. Our rates will never be lower.  You choose what you spend; Starting at $50 / month up to $50 / day for our advertising packages, and all production costs are included. Ads will never cost more than $1.00, and many times much less.

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We have several ways to help you take advantage of the enormous growth of podcasting and the incredible value it offers.

1. Automated Advertising - We can help you advertise on a national, regional or local scale depending on your desired demographic.

2. Podcast Specific Sponsorship - Headline one of our 12 different original podcasts and be recognized year round on every single episode. Prices range from $100 / month on up to $2,000 per month, depending on the podcast.

3. Host Read Ads - This option gives you the ability to pick and choose your number of days and which podcast and even episodes you wish to sponsor with your full :30 second ad within the program.

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